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Travel is booming, and so is the need for skilled cleaners who understand how to clean, stage, and prepare a property for guests. Expand your client list by joining Properly’s Marketplace, where you’ll stand out as an experienced, exclusive Service Provider for new clients in Galveston.

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Why join Properly’s Marketplace?

Showcase Your Service Record

Becoming a Properly Pro shows clients that you have an excellent track record of providing exceptional service.

Save Time

Properly erases endless back-and-forths with clients by making it easy to set up jobs and agree on services with a few clicks.

Call the Shots

Accept the jobs you want, set your rates, and always take home 100% of your earnings. Clients can send you rate offers, but there aren’t any penalties for declining jobs.
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Effortless Client Communication

Properly makes managing clients as smooth and speedy as possible, thanks to features like:

  • A robust app that gives you greater job flexibility and helps you book valuable additional paid services
  • Client-Made Interactive Visual Checklists that offer precise instructions for every property you service.
  • In-App Chat to communicate directly with clients during the job.
  • A Built-In Camera to send clients photos of completed tasks and report any problems on-site.
  • Profile Badges for exceptional service to give new clients confidence that you’re the right provider for the job.

Become a Sought-After Specialist

Highlight your areas of expertise –from deep cleaning to fancy towel folding– on your profile and land specialized jobs. Then, develop new skills in our library of micro-learning courses!

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"It keeps getting better to work on properly. I both have jobs and create job on here and am extremely pleased in every way. Thanks!!!"


The demand for short-term rental cleaners has never been higher...

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