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Never Refund a Cleaning Fee Again

Keys not left in the lockbox. Trash not emptied. Hair dryer missing. Even the best vacation rental cleaners forget important tasks 8% of the time. When they do, it can cost you hundreds of dollars to placate your guests.

Remote Inspection double-checks your essential tasks in real time. If your cleaner forgets, we'll send them a message to fix the problem before they leave. 

No more guest complaints. No more sending an employee back to the property - at your expense - to fix an issue. Skip the mistakes and get a perfect guest experience every time. 


Essential Tasks

Essential Tasks

Your cleaner doesn't need their hand held for every task, but they're human and they can make mistakes. Give yourself some peace of mind by using Remote Inspection to ensure the tasks that can make or break a stay were checked and double-checked. 


Entry Method

Entry Method

If a guest can't access the property, they're not going to like their stay before it's even begun! Make sure your entry method works by having our Remote Inspection team double-check that the keys are in the lockbox or the keypad code is correctly updated. 


Wifi Speed

Wifi Speed

Guests complain about Wifi speed and connectivity more than almost any other issue. With Remote Inspection, your cleaner can run a Wifi test and our team can verify the Wifi is good to go for the guest.


Clean Fridge

Clean Fridge

Cleaners often forget to empty the fridge as it's not a task they need to do for residential cleanings. Finding another guest's leftovers guarantees a bad review - but Remote Inspection ensures a clean fridge.


Promised Amenities

Promised Amenities

When you promise a guest that amenities like a Pack-n-Play or extra linens will be available, use Remote Inspection to make sure your cleaner remembers those additions to the job.


Forgotten Items

Forgotten Items

If a guest leaves items behind, you'll want to be sure your cleaner finds them before the next guest does! With Remote Inspection, you can verify that your cleaner has checked drawers and closets for left-behind items.


Real People. In Real Time.

Previously, if your cleaner made a mistake, you'd have to send someone back to the property to fix the error. That costs time and money, and it won't prevent your guest from being inconvenienced. Our team double-checks your cleaner's work in real time, so they can fix any problems while they're still on site. 


Save Thousands Every Year

The cost of a guest complaint can be thousands of dollars, since every negative review costs you bookings. Even before losing bookings, fixing mistakes is costly: refunded cleaning fees and extra hourly pay to your employees who need to go back to the property. 

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Your cleaner takes photos of the requested rooms or tasks



Our team lets the cleaner know if anything needs to be improved



Your cleaner fixes the issue and sends a new photo 



Our team gives the cleaner a thumbs-up for a job well done

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