Never Refund a Cleaning Fee Again


Keys not left in the lockbox. Trash not emptied. Hair dryer missing. Even the best vacation rental cleaners forget important tasks 8% of the time. When they do, it can cost you hundreds of dollars to placate your guests.

Remote Inspection double-checks your essential tasks in real time. If your cleaner forgets, we'll remind them before they leave the property so they can fix it right away.

You'll save thousands every year, but the peace of mind you'll feel? Priceless.


Essential Tasks

Get absolute assurance that your essential cleaning, maintenance, and inventory tasks have been completed every time. 


Entry Method

Easy entry is essential! Make sure the keys are in the lockbox or the door code has been changed to the correct one. 


Wifi Speed

Have your cleaner run a quick Wifi speed test and we'll verify that the Internet is ready for guests to log on the moment they arrive.


Clean Fridge

Check that the fridge has been cleaned and emptied of leftovers so your guests don't arrive to an unpleasant surprise.


Promised Amenities

Avoid the cost of sending an employee with a replacement amenity. We'll check that hair dryers, irons, and electronics are in place. 


Forgotten Items

Catch those forgotten items left behind in drawers or under beds by having us verify those spaces are spotlessly clean.

Real People. In Real Time. 

Vacation rental managers who inspect every property after each turnover report that they catch almost 100% of all issues that might cause a guest complaint and a costly fix. 

There’s just one problem: most vacation rental managers don’t have the time, people, or funds to inspect every property after every turnover.

With Remote Inspection, you can get an even better result for a fraction of the cost. 

Why better?

Because when our team catches a problem, we'll let your cleaner know before they leave the property. 

Which means the problem gets fixed right away, in real time.

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Save Thousands Every Year. 

One in every 10 turnovers, your cleaners will miss an essential task. 

They'll forget to leave the keys in the lockbox, for example.

The guest arrives at midnight. No one is available to help. The guest winds up checking in to a hotel.

You have to pay to send someone out the next morning with the keys. You have to refund the guest for a night's stay. 

And even if you do your best to make amends, the guest might still leave a bad review, costing you future bookings. 

Save your money - and your sanity - with Remote Inspection. We'll make sure those costly mistakes never make it to check-in time.

How Does It Work?

Your cleaner takes photos of any task you wish to verify. 

Our Remote Inspection team reviews those photos in real time to check that the tasks you've specified have been completed. 

If they spot a problem, they'll let your cleaner know right away. 

Your cleaner fixes the problem, takes a new photo, and gets the thumbs-up from our team. 


The best part? Remote Inspection pays for itself. Talk to our team today to get a quote for your area.

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"We estimate that our profitability has increased by at least 10% as a direct result of Properly."

Michael Allen


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Get Properly Working for You

87% of all costly complaints can be fixed before the guest's arrival using Properly.

Save yourself the headache - and the enormous cost - of a bad turnover by getting Remote Inspection today.