Properly & Quality in Tourism    

Are you - Safe, Clean & Legal™ ?

Two leading companies and one great offer. 

Save time & money, improve your revenue & give guest assurances to book with you.

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1. Download the App

Click on any of the green buttons on this page and you will be directed to the app sign up page. Once signed up you will receive an email app install link. This may take a few minutes to arrive.


2. Upload or enter your property

You will need to download the app and then login. Add your property from a PMS or an OTA or manually. Check our PMS and OTA connectivity list below in FAQ's


3. QiT accreditation

A follow up email will show the information within the app you require to gain certification and advise on app use and show what other tools the app provides. This is found in-pp: Skills>Inspection.


4. Read and check off guidelines

Read and check off the guidelines in Skills on QiT accreditation in the app. Ensure they are all complete. Then click the Quality in Tourism logo on the app and register on the companies external site.


5. Submit the information

You will be asked to submit documented information to Quality in Tourism, to follow their directions and they will become your direct contact for certification. Properly help and chat is always available too.

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6. We will familiarise you with the app

 This "Property Manager in your pocket" allows access to periodic remote inspection and verifications to maintain your certification plus a wealth of other tools at your fingertips.

Are you Safe, Clean & Legal™?


The accreditation is suitable for accommodation providers, who want to provide guests with reassurance of standards, but for whom quality (star) ratings may not be relevant or applicable.

This demonstrates commitment to standards and, reassures potential guests that you have appropriate standards.

  • Start the process in-app
  • Learn the skills
  • Complete the checklists
  • QiT will then complete the certification
Cleaning & QiT
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Find Qualified Professional Service Providers 

Properly helps to satisfy your need for experienced professionals who are committed to doing every task exactly as you need it done. The Properly Pro Marketplace has you covered. 

Our Pros are: 

  • Properly-trained or longtime experienced property care professionals 
  • Background checked to ensure your property’s safety 
  • Experienced in vacation rental turnovers, maintenance, inspection, and key handoff

Manage jobs remotely with ease

With Properly, you can manage all your jobs at a glance from anywhere. Easily see upcoming bookings that need a turnover, schedule regular maintenance and inspections, and choose the service providers you like working with best. 

You can manage jobs in real time with: 

  • Geolocation so you have complete certainty your service provider is on the job
  • Real-time updates showing you tasks completed and problems reported 
  • Messaging in-app so you can give feedback or answer questions as needed
  • Verification photos to double-check tasks are completed to your specifications 

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Properly & QiT Services

Don't have the bandwidth to cover all the business challenges?  We've got you covered with our combined services. Properly's team and app can cover all your property management needs and Quality in Tourism will ensure your legal and compliance needs are met at all times. Better reviews, higher listings, fewer challenges and peace of mind.


Inspection and Certification

There is growing pressure from guests, local authorities and Govt to ensure health and safety, hygiene and compliance are all covered. Only qualified third parties can underwrite these important elements of each and every home rental business. Quality in Tourism is a recognised UK authority that serves to underpin this certification.

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Quality Management

No one business can be inspected daily, but so many small things can go wrong. This can be expensive. The Properly app has a wealth of skills and the capacity to work with & train cleaners and service providers. Schedule tasks, liaise with your cleaners in-app, record problems and create property specific checklists. You can even import your properties from leading OTAs.


Will Properly work with my software?

Properly integrates seamlessly with PMS systems:

SuperControl, Hostfully, MyVr, HostAway, Newbook, Streamline, Guesty, Smoobu, Tokeet, Rentals United and more coming.

Or connect directly from Airbnb or or use an iCal for pure calendar sync.

email us and schedule a time to talk to our team today:

How much does certification cost?

From £195* We are offering a limited time deal that offers both Properly Pro and QiT Safe Clean & Legal accreditation

Once certified thereafter the price to maintain yearly certification will be from £99* including a 6 monthly remote inspection check for specific safety and cleanliness parameters using the app. 

The Pro version of the app is available with a 4 month trial. However businesses who become accredited and maintain this for their properties will still retain the basic app with remote inspection and verification access.

Should you wish to use Properly without accreditation opportunities please visit and sign up on the main page with a free months trial.

No credit or debit cards are needed to sign up.

* The price may change depending on the number of properties or other factors. Please request a quote.

I would like more information before signing up

 Please visit this page on Properly and submit your details. We will come back to you and organise a call.