Perfect vacation rental turnovers. 

Every time. 

Discover the revolutionary new way to manage your property care operations. 


Easy Scheduling

Prevent errors with easy visibility on all scheduled turnovers, maintenance, and key handoffs.


Professional Service Providers

Need a last-minute backup? Vetted, trained and guaranteed Properly Pros are on call to save the day.


Remote Inspection

Guarantee quality guest experiences with live remote inspection at a fraction of the cost.


Real-Time Visibility

Enjoy total peace of mind with complete real-time visibility on every aspect of your operations.


Custom Checklists

Be prepared for every eventuality with custom visual checklists updated with industry best practices.


COMING SOON: In-App Payments

Ask our team about upcoming performance pay and rapid payment through Properly.

Set Up Your Properties for Quality Turnovers

Getting started with Properly is quick and simple. Import your properties from your current PMS, listing site(s) or channel manager and schedule an onboarding call with our team. 

We’ll create custom checklists for every property that is: 

  • Tailored to each individual property 
  • Include all property-specific jobs such as pool cleaning 
  • Illustrated with photos and detailed instructions for clarity
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Find Qualified Professional Service Providers

You need experienced professionals who are committed to doing every task exactly as you need it done. The Properly Pro Marketplace has you covered. 

Our Pros are: 

  • Properly-trained or longtime experienced property care professionals 
  • Background checked to ensure your property’s safety 
  • Experienced in vacation rental turnovers, maintenance, inspection, and key handoff

Manage Jobs Remotely With Ease

With Properly, you can manage all your jobs at a glance from anywhere. Easily see upcoming bookings that need a turnover, schedule regular maintenance and inspections, and choose the service providers you like working with best. 

You can manage jobs in real time with: 

  • Geolocation so you have complete certainty your service provider is on the job
  • Real-time updates showing you tasks completed and problems reported 
  • Messaging in-app so you can give feedback or answer questions as needed
  • Verification photos to double-check tasks are completed to your specifications 

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Properly Services

Don't have the bandwidth to monitor all your turnovers in real time? We've got you covered with our services. Properly's team will monitor your jobs and review your verification photos to ensure the best possible performance. 


Remote Inspection

Our team will review your verification photos against reference photos and your criteria - i.e., “Are there two folded towels on every bed?” When our team spots a problem, we’ll notify your service provider while they’re still on site so they can resolve the issue before completing the job.


Performance Pay

Performance pay ensures that critical tasks like starting a job on time aren’t missed. If all tasks you specify are successfully completed, we’ll pay your service provider the bonus you set for them. If any tasks are missed, we will deduct a penalty. New feature coming soon!


Will Properly work with my software?

Properly integrates with Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO, iCal, BookingSync, Escapia, Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, myVR, Newbook, RentalsUnited, Streamline, and We’re adding new integrations all the time, so talk to our team if you’d like to see us integrate with your PMS or software!


How much does Properly cost?
Our pricing varies depending on the number of properties you manage and the services you choose to add on. Schedule a time to talk to our team today to discuss pricing and ask any questions you may have about how Properly works.
How long does it take to get started with Properly?

You can sign up for our free app immediately to see if you like the software. If you want to send more than two jobs a month, you’ll need to sign up for our paid service.

Every new customer starts with an onboarding call with our customer success team. That call gives us the information we’ll need to create detailed custom checklists for each of your properties. Once your checklists are complete, we’ll review them with you and ensure that you’re happy with the standards we’ve set. You can then send and receive jobs in Properly using your new checklists.

You can also request additional training for your team so they have a full rundown on how best to use Properly to prevent issues and deliver the highest quality turnovers. Please talk to our team if you have any questions about onboarding.